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Invest In You

A Message from CEO/Founder

Greetings I am E. Todd Stubblefield, Founder and CEO of Suited Communications LLC. Before saying anything else, allow me this opportunity to honestly say thank you for taking a few moments out of your time to visit our website and consider us as a potential investor in your life personally and professionally.

Suited Communications is a God breathed company whose goal and mission is to inspire, develop, support, encourage and nurture the lives of people individually and corporately. Our investment in you is meant to unlock the treasure chest hidden within and expose the gifts and talents that make you unique and invaluable.

With that said, I can remember two significant times in my life when I was told I was not good enough; and those two instances could have been the stonewalls that negatively impacted me. The first of which, my football coach told my sister that I would never receive a football scholarship, but I did. The second instance,  my guidance counselor told my sister that I would not be able to handle the rigors of the course curriculum that she requested for me in preparation for college; but I was able to complete that as well. These two instances among many other situations are the reasons why Suited Communications LLC. is so important to me. I thank the Lord for my sister, who not only saw my abilities and talents, but took the time to invest in my life that I would be ready and equipped for today’s world.

My prayer is that you will allow Suited Communications LLC to be that someone to invest in your life that the walls of limitations are being torn down.

Why Suited Communications Inc.? 

  • We are a company that embodies the belief that we are created and endowed with gifts, talents, and abilities that are meant to give us purpose and the power to be relevant.

  • We subscribe to the belief that first impressions are very important, however they are not last impressions because impressions are meant to be experienced daily. Therefore, we assist the individual(s) in identifying areas that need to be improved upon and strengthened in order to implement strategies and techniques to aid in their growth and/or development.

  • Reflection: Quite often, what people see in themselves is what others will experience about them. No one is perfect, we all have flaws and/or cracks in our images and that is what makes us all unique. So we take those areas that appear to be imperfections  (life experiences) and turn them into  marks of beauty for others to be inspired by.

Our Companies Mission

To appeal to the courts of one’s inner man readdressing the verdicts of failure, hopelessness, and any other area of lack; reversing the guilt and shame, reclaiming one’s right to prosper and live abundantly. 

Our Services

Coaching/Personal Development

  • This service provides insight, direction and support to the client in accomplishing set goals either personally and/or professionally

Professional Development

  •   Facilitating group dynamics that emphasizes principles and learning objectives for everyday use in an ever changing world.

    • Diversity from the New You!

    • Leadership and Purpose

    • This is not my Monkey! (burdens & baggage)

    • Trauma Training

    •  The Thin Blue Line, the tales of two tapes

    • Certificated Flaggers Training

Business/Organizational Recovery

  • Identifying issues that are toxic to business/organizational productivity and implementing plans of action that revives the mission.

Motivational/Inspirational Workshops & Conferences

  • Charging the environment with life empowering words that enriches the individual and/or organization.

  • Motivational Speaker

Custom Design

  • This specialty allows us to customize or tailor a service to a specific need of the client.

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