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Life Presents Challenges and Everyone Needs Support... Spot Me

Supporting People Over Time Mentoring Everyone


Spot Me is not just another logo but an understanding, a belief, a principle, and a relationship. It is not our position or philosophy to create a logo to compete with other logos currently on the market today or even those of the past. However, it is our position to create a logo that not only represents you but inspires hope and embodies the ideals of support through a message of empowerment; and it is in that message that we believe we have founded and created something different in Spot Me.

In 2003, Spot Me was founded and launched as a fitness concept with an interesting motto; “Life and Fitness are one in that they both present challenges and people need support.” Since that time the concept and the motto has changed and evolved. The initial logo was a set of barbell weights being supported by the letters SM representing the words Spot Me. Today the logo is represented by a graphic design of the words Spot Me – with the letter “O” always being a different color than the rest of the lettering; and the revised motto is – “Life presents challenges and everyone needs support”.



Our goal is to create a smile, inspire hope, and change one’s destiny. In the near future as people are wearing, sporting or displaying the logo, others familiar with our products can say thank you for your support and/or strike up a conversation about standing together in the fight to save, change or positively impact lives for a better tomorrow. 

We also have apparel where the “O” in the logo may be a basketball, tennis ball, golf ball, baseball, etc. These particular products are simply sports in which the purchaser identifies with in some form or another. Be it that they are active in this area or they support a family member or friend who participate in these activities.

  • Sometime in the near future we will also select specific foundation/organizations to financially support whose mission is to use sports as a means of empowerment of our youth living in economic disadvantage areas domestically and internationally.    

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When you purchase a product with the Spot Me logo on it, we consider the product as a vehicle to carry the message of Spot Me into places that we ordinary could not reach from someone’s home to a military base; places that are domestic and international; from mountain tops as high and glorious as those of the Majestic Mountains to the deepest valley – Hell’s canyon 7993 feet below the surface.

In the statement of - What is Spot Me? We informed you that we are more than a logo, we are you;

  1. An understanding – support is more than giving someone a handout; it is giving a person a hand up, a word of encouragement and/or walking with them through the storms of life.

  2. A belief – that there are brighter days on the horizon and together we can get there.

  3. A principle – the specific reason and representation for which you stand.

  4. A relationship – the commonality that exist between you and others; that commonality can be experiential and/or empathetic.  

Shipping Boxes


When we initially launched the new graphic logo design of Spot Me, we would change the color of the letter “O” in the logo from time to time because it was a neat idea. Now the color of the letter “O” is more important in that it is specifically related to or associated with a challenge, a foundation, a research, or cause in life. Several years ago we identified various organizations that we would like to partner with in the future as our company grows. Each of these partnerships will be identified by the different color O’s in the word SPOT ME. From these partnerships percentages of sales will be donated to them in efforts to aid in their mission. i.e. a pink O would represent Breast Cancer. Therefore, when selling a product that has a pink O, a percentage of that sale will go to Breast Cancer research. 


O-   Aids & HIV

O-   Breast Cancer Research

O-   Boys & Girls Club of America/Education

O-   Pancreatic cancer/Alzheimer’s    

O-   Support our Troops/Family

O-   Missing children

O-   Childhood Cancer/

        St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital

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